Thursday, February 04, 2010

Henry Hudson's River

I first saw the mighty Hudson River in 1993. 
Back then I was still living out West in California and although I had visited New York several times-
my view of the Hudson consisted mostly from the air while flying over Albany.
That Fall I was photographing the  historic manors of the Hudson River Valley .
My first stop was Clermont.
If memory serves me right, this is where I first found myself connected and mystified by the Hudson. 

This is the mighty river that captivated  numerous explorers, the lifetime obsession of Frederic Church,subject of
countless stories and poems....

It never fails to take my breath away.

Looking South, Clermont view  2010

Livingston's Tree , upriver, Clermont view  2010

Vine Flower ,  Clermont grounds, NY  2010

Old fence, railroad tracks, Clermont  2010