Thursday, September 07, 2006

Career Highlights

Selected Group Exhibits

2005- Israel Museum,Jerusalem "Camera Sacra-Capturing the Soul of Nature "
2002- The Landscape Show Carrie Haddad Gallery Hudson NY
2001- Selected Works Michael Shapiro Gallery San Francisco CA
2000- " Roadshow " DFN Gallery NY
2000- Recent Aquisitions Show Frances Loehman Loeb Gallery Vassar College Poughkeepsie
1997- "Under the Darkcloth" Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego
1995- P.L.A.N Los Angeles County Museum of Art
1995- The Page Collection Exhibit Monterrey Peninsula Museum, CA

Selected Solo Exhibits

2004- TSL Museum Hudson NY
2002-Libre Gallery
2001-Kinderhook Memorial Library
2001-Jan Kesner Gallery
2000- Carrie Haddad Gallery
1999- Edward Carter Gallery NYC
1998- Jan Kesner Gallery LA
1997 -Michael Shapiro Gallery, San Francisco
1995- Jan Kesner Gallery LA
1992- Ayala Museum Manila
1992- Jan Kesner Gallery CA

Works in Selected Collections

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Amon Carter Museum
Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Daum Museum
Frances Loehman Loeb Museum Vassar College
Brookings Institute
Norton Simon Museum
Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego
Library of Congress Washington DC
Bibliotheque Nationale Paris
Ayala Museum of Art Manila
Page Collection
Vernon Collection
Sack Collection


1992- Time Frames: Photographs by J. Michael Lardizabal September Press
2007- Chatham : Photographs by Michael Lardizabal Beagle Hill Ltd.


1987- Recipient of the Figueroa Foundation Fellowship

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Landscape Theory

Niverville, NY 7x7 inch silver gelatin print

Route 28 , Conrail Tracks, Valatie, NY 9x9 in. silver gelatin print

Beagle Hill,Near Spencertown,NY 8.5 x 8.6 in. gelatin silver print

I am drawn to common space. Since 1996, most of my landscape photographs are made within a 20 mile radius of where I live. There is so much to see , its all important.
Niverville, NY defines how I feel about the relationship of space,form and light.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Claudia at the orchard, 2001

Its a bitter sweet month September. The days are getting shorter ,the bugs are gone , its almost time to put away the patio furniture.

I was born in the month of September , although I stopped celebrating my birthday a few years ago, its still a month that I have to contend with.

September is also the month where work in our orchard begins. I've got almost 50 acres of fruit trees as well as a tiny vineyard that needs help.

I once tried to maintain the whole place myself after reading an article relating to Paul Bunyan like feats. That lasted all of 2 years as I just wore myself down.

Like the seasons, my feelings of this place wane. Its a love/hate relationship.