Wednesday, September 07, 2011

From the Flat Files...

Point Arena Barn, California 1987  5x7 in Silver Chloride Contact Print

Factory Wall , Hudson NY 2010  11x11 in Digital Pigment Print

Stuyvesant Church , NY 1996   11x14in Palladium contact print

Wintje Farm, Germantown NY 1994  8x10in Platinum contact print

Samascott's , New York  1997  8x10 in. Palladium contact print

At Home, Chatham, NY 2010 

Mac , Chatham  NY  2010

Paula's House , NY  1997  8x10 Platinum contact print 

Ogunquit , Maine  1997  8x10 Palladium contact print

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Hudson , New York

...I can't think of too many towns in America where one can get into a conversation about early whaling , primitive Aleutian art and great Fried Chicken all in one afternoon.

Warren St, Hudson NY  2011