Thursday, February 18, 2010

Florence 2006

I'm editing a group of panoramic work that most likely will be in my upcoming book amongst other new material .

One of the things I didn't plan or intend on doing while over there was to make panoramics .

After all , Florence and Venice are so densely packed that my original thought was to work the crowds as tapestry in a flat plane but I ended up wanting to take in more.By the end of the first week the marriage of the crowds and architecture were more honest to me .

The test prints so far seem to work in a 65 inch print length., maybe even bigger.

This group was all done w/ a Fuji 6x9 Pro medium format camera. Also known as the Texas Leica to its users.

I think Atget would have approved of the camera.

In my next entry I'll upload some of my studies of Bruneleschi's Duomo which I truly feel is God's house.

My wife and I have this habit where we like to leave nickels and pennies in some nook or cranny of a special place so that we can one day go back and see if they've been claimed or are still there awaiting our return.
Oddly enough...we couldn't find a spot within this area of Florence...but if you find yourself at the Boboli Gardens and Fort Belvedere we left a few there.