Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Attempting Summer

Paris, 7th District, 2006

View of Venice rooftops, Ca' Pisani Hotel, Italy 2006

Do you ever wonder why it is that summer flies by so fast ?

Here we are into the second week of July and I have yet to make a serious effort into printing my work from September's foray in Europe.

All the negs are done with the exception of half a dozen or so rolls . From what I've seen , the group has potential.

But what sticks to me most, at least so far, are the Polaroids I made.

These are Type 667 material, so they are archival and stable.

I love working with my old folder. Its now part of the Tuscan landfill as it died while I was shooting in San Geminiano. I will always regret not being able to use the vintage packs of Polacolor that I had taken along. Then again we will be back sometime in the maybe this time my new camera will last a bit longer.