Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Self Inflicted

The artist as subject has long fascinated me.

Lee Friedlander,Robert Frank, John Coplans,and Cindy Sherman to name a few , have pointed their cameras at themselves to document their physical changes thru the decades.

I myself until recently have never been that comfortable or all that interested in what I look like.

I'm going to be 47 in a little over a month - and its starting to show".

Not in a bad way, as I'm in excellent physical shape. I've done an Ironman Triathlon , 7 or 8 marathons and still get my daily workouts in .

What I see are the signs of life finally showing up in my face and hands. I've raised a family and did my best to create a comfortable home........its starting to show.  

Not sure where this is going , or how its going to evolve but here's a few to start with.

Be well and take a big ass bite out of the world today.

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