Tuesday, January 06, 2009

10 yrs apart...thoughts on new books....

Venice Backyard, Ca. 1989

Hudson , NY 1999

So I picked up the new Annie Leibovitz at Work and the Patti Smith Land 250 book.
Both surprised me .

Ms. Smith has always intrigued me as a musician.

I had heard rumors that she took pictures w/ a Polaroid., has so for years.

Her book is well laid out. The images are clear and transparent., I'll enjoy this copy for years to come.

I wonder how the health of the overall book market is, especially the photography book audience.

There's an awful lot of new books coming out these days. Some artists are releasing monographs at a rate of 1-2 per year. How can publishers afford to make any money these days ?

Whatever happened to less is more ?

I think William Klein is one of the last holdouts to publishing his work on a regular basis. Good for him.

As much as I love Friedlander.....I just got a notice on yet again, another new book from him. The New Mexico book. Wow !

I still haven't gone thru all the pages of my Friedlander MOMA retrospective book.

The above images are two that I've been looking at lately.

I made them 10 years apart, but seeing them together makes me realize that I'm somewhat drawn to structures that have survived. Tired, but still eminating pride and beauty.

The scene from a Venice backyard is probably long gone. Property values have shifted dramatically since I made that image. I only hope that my photograph stands as a reminder of a once noble place. Feel free to conjur up your own thoughts of what this backyard used to be like...